Want to play the game or try it out with your friends? Here's what you need to know before step onto our ice.

Q:  What equipment do you need to play curling?
A: Whether you are renting or starting to play in a league, we recommend that you wear warm, loose, and comfortable clothing. The club will provide you with grippers, sliders, and brooms.

Q:  Does the club have a learn-to-curl program?
A:  Yes, we do. Dixie has a partnership with the City of Mississauga. We run two 8-week program. The first course begins in the fall and the second course begins in the winter.

Q:  How long is a curling game?
A:  A game of curling can be played in 2 hours.

Q: Are there leagues for men and women?
A:   Dixie has a number of leagues available for men and women. We have leagues for just men. We have leagues for just women and we have leagues for mixed and for any type of combination of players. Click the drop down menu under curling to find out about our leagues.

Q:  Is there a program for children?
A:  Yes. We have two programs for specific age groups. The first is the Little Rocks program which runs on Sundays from 12pm-2pm. The age group for the is 7-12. The second is the U18/U21 program. The age group is 13-20 and runs from 2pm-4pm.

Q:  What if I cannot deliver a rock the traditional way?
A:  If you are unable to deliver the rock from the hack, there are different way you can throw the rock. You can use a stabilizer or a stick device instead. 

Q:  Is curling a good form of exercise?
A:  Yes. In a game you are working a lot of muscles. From head to toe, your body will get a good work out. 

Q:  How long is a typical curling season?
A:  The curling season can vary from club to club. Dixie begins the season at the end of September and runs until the middle of April.     

Q:  What is a bonspiel?
A:  A bonspiel is a type of tournament. It can be two 8-end games or three 6-end games. Some can last a day and some can go longer. 

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The Dixie Curling Club is a member-driven fiscally responsible club striving to provide a social environment for all ages. Dixie offers excellent instructional, recreational and competitive programs to the surrounding community.

The Dixie Curling Club has operated in its original location since 1956 and for over 60 years has provided recreational opportunities to the residents of Mississauga and surrounding communities. Dixie continues its long-standing tradition of friendliness where everyone is made to feel welcome.