Board of Directors

Ed OHearn

Ed O'Hearn - President

Ed has worked in the electronic security industry for the past 26 years. Ed has also been the past president of the Swansea Hockey Association which is a 600 child strong outdoor hockey league based in Bloor West Village. He was introduced to the sport of curling in High School, however due to interests in Hockey (Winter) and  Baseball (Summer), he did not begin to play until 2007-2008 after attending a jitney. Ed is currrently the Friday Night Social co-ordinator and plays in the league. 

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Harvey Luong - Vice-President

Harvey took one of the first Learn to Curl sessions offered by the City of Mississauga at the Dixie Curling club back in 2002, then joined the Wednesday night men’s league right after that session and has been with the club ever since.  Starting at one night a week for many years, has gradually joined a few more leagues over time.  In the 2016-2017 season, he curled in the Monday Night Mens, Tuesday 4:30 OCYOR, Tuesday Night OCYOR, Friday Night Mixed and spared on the Wednesday Night Mens.  As a CPA, CMA (Certified Management Accountant) working for a small accounting software company as a software and systems analyst, and past Treasurer for a Condo Board, he hopes to be able to help the Board where he can.

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Jessica Shipmaker - Secretary

I have been a member of Dixie for 5 years. I've been an active member since my first season, participating in Tuesday CYOR, Wednesday Mixed, Thursday CYOR and Friday Mixed, and sparing in many other sections when called upon. I occasionally can be found helping out behind the scenes at many of the bonspiels Dixie hosts, as well as participating in them.

I am a flight attendant for Air Canada, and regularly run into curlers (World Champions and some Dixie members too!) while in the friendly skies. Prior to my current career I worked as an executive assistant for several years.

Besides curling I enjoy playing softball, hockey and many other sports. I love to travel and ventured to Latvia this past spring to participate in the Latvian Mixed Doubles Curling Cup where I competed against teams who then went on to the Mixed Doubles World Championships. 

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John Van Gameren - Treasurer

John has been a recreation curler at Dixie for 15 years. Dixie has a vibrant membership base including an impressive contingent of successful young curlers. John’s interest is in helping the Board to continue to enhance the member experience. 

L. Adam

Lyndsey Adam - Director

Lyndsey has curled at Dixie for over 20 years, only missing a few seasons when she was in Ottawa for university. She started in Little Rocks and worked her way through Dixie’s Junior program, and now plays in several evening leagues. Until recently, Lyndsey was the Curling Coordinator of the Weston Golf & Country Club’s Curling program, where she organized leagues and events and ran the day to day operations of the curling section. Currently, she works with the Toronto Police Service. When not curling, Lyndsey enjoys playing softball, baking all sorts of treats, and catching up on her reading. 

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Dave Clark – President

Dave is retired from Xerox Production Systems. He spends time with his family and enjoying life. 

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Craig Morrison - Director

Craig has been a member of the Dixie Curling Club for the past 12 years. He's been curling for the past 25 years and to this day, he still can't hit the broom. He currently curls in the Tuesday OCYOR, Wednesday OCYOR, Friday Day Men's, and the Monday Day Men's league where he is also the convenor. Even though he's curling four times a week, he doesn't know why he's not getting better. Craig is happily retired and loving every minute of it. He is also the convenor for the Bert Bertuzzi Skins Bonspiel and can't wait for the upcoming season! 

Tim Spence - Director

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 New to the Board

Anne Collins - Director

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George LeBlond







George LeBlond - Director

George has been a member of Dixie since 2002, and plays in multiple afternoon and evening leagues. He is working diligently on perfecting retirement, having worked in the software development space for "a long time". Golf occupies his time during the summer months. He hopes to contribute to the betterment of the club, by being a member of the board.

Heather Pearce - Director

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The Dixie Curling Club is a member-driven fiscally responsible club striving to provide a social environment for all ages. Dixie offers excellent instructional, recreational and competitive programs to the surrounding community.

The Dixie Curling Club has operated in its original location since 1956 and for over 60 years has provided recreational opportunities to the residents of Mississauga and surrounding communities. Dixie continues its long-standing tradition of friendliness where everyone is made to feel welcome.