Membership Info

Personalized by the category of curling, the Dixie Curling Club fee structure establishes curling as the affordable winter sport. There are numerous options and price points available to you. These include:

  • Full
  • Limited
  • Intermediate (Under the age of 35)
  • Post-Secondary (Ages 18 to 25 & Proof of Full-Time Enrollment)
  • U21 - Youth Curling (Ages 7 to 20)
  • Competitive with Practice
  • Competitve without Pratice

Please see the Rates page for our Membership Rates.

Members also enjoy a number of special events during the season including:

  • Lounge Parties
  • Bonspiels
  • Clinics and Lessons
  • Try Curling’ for family & friends
  • Club and League Championships
  • And Much More

Dixie Curling Crest

3071 Palstan Road
Mississauga, Ontario  L4Y 2Z7

Tel: 905-276-1777 
Fax: 905-276-1711 


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